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Buy Seppo licences for teachers

Here you can buy personal licences for teachers in schools. If you want to use Seppo in a company, library or another organisation, please contact info@seppo.io.

Order the amount of licences you want to buy with the form below. After you have completed the order you can create users for each purchased licence. The only payment option available at the moment is invoice.

Premium licence
99.00 € + vat

Personal licence for one teacher, valid 12 months. Renews automatically after end date (you may cancel the licence within 30 days if you don't wish to continue). Use Seppo platform with your own students, max. 35 teams per game. Available answer methods: text, pictures, audio and video. Access to Seppo content library, which includes games and exercises. Exercise ordering and 360 degree pictures as game boards. The user account can't be shared with other users.

Premium upgrade
30.00 € + vat

Purchasing Premium upgrade will transform your existing standard licence to premium licence. Please note that you must have an existing standard licence (not sold anymore) to take advantage of this purchase. Upgrade will not extend the validity of your licence.

Purchaser details

Additional info about web shop and licences


Temporarily the only payment option available is invoice. Invoicing fee is 10 €. After you have filled the required fields you can proceed to confirmation and order the invoice.

Delivering user accounts

After you have completed the order you can create user accounts for the amount of users corresponding the amount of purchased licences. The new accounts are active directly after they have been created.

Licence renewal

If you want to renew an existing licence, complete the order and activate your purchase by giving your username after the payment. Validity of your licence is extended by 12 months.


Licences are personal and sharing a user account with another person is prohibited. The licence may be revoked if the user account is shared.

The licences are meant to be used by schools. If you want to use Seppo with a museum, business or another organisation, please contact us via email info@seppo.io.

Organisation licence instead?

If you want to have licences for more than 10 teachers or a whole school, please ask a quote from info@seppo.io.