Terms and Conditions / User contract



  • The person who owns the License and thereby a right to use seppo platform. Equivalent to user.


  • A right to use the seppo platform according to these terms and conditions.

Seppo platform

  • A web based solution, a gamification platform that can be used to create educational and engaging games.

Content Library

  • A separate software solution to store and share gamified content.


  • Lentävä Liitutaulu LLC

Teacher/ Game creator

  • Teacher, educator, instructor or another person who creates and/or monitors games using seppo platform.


  • This document represent the user contract. The User of the seppo platform must comply with these terms and Conditions in order to have right to use Seppo platform.

Price List

  • A separate document managed be the Company to define how the revenue of shared and purchased games are to be divided between the Game Creator and the Company.

Game Fee

  • A price that the creator of a game has attached to his/her shared game. The price that another seppo User need to pay in order to be able to download the shared game.

Entry level

  • Restricted version of Seppo platform, that is available free of charge.

Freemium model

  • A business model, where the user is allowed to use the Entry level for free and can upgrade to a paid version that has additional features. Company withdraws the right to offer the Freemium model only for certain market segments.


  1. The Owner of the License is allowed to use seppo platform in its current form to create educational games. The License Owner is not allowed to alter, modify or reproduce the code of the seppo platform.

  1. If the License covers that functionality, the Owner is allowed to download games from the Content Library and thereafter modify, copy and delete them. The user accepts that the games in the Content Library might be modified by their original Owner. These changes don’t impact the games that the user has downloaded for his/her own use.

  1. The License is meant for the personal use only and the credentials (ID and password) must not be given to another person. The Owner is responsible for taking care that his/her credentials are not used by any other person. If Company has evidence or a clear presumption that the License is used by several users, Company has right to monitor Owner’s account and games. Furthermore the Company retains a right to withdraw the license from the Owner.

  1. Unless agreed otherwise, annual licenses purchased after June 20th 2018 will be automatically renewed for a subsequent year, upon end date. The owner may cancel the renewal anytime until 30 days after the renewal date. This can be done by contacting info@seppo.io.

  1. The teacher (or the corresponding game creator) who creates the game beholds the IPR’s to his/her own games. Company withholds the right to negotiate about sharing the game related IPR’s or about transferring them to Company’s possession.

  1. The The Owner must be aware of the risks that are related to the games that are played in an authentic environment. All the potential risks that the players or the instructors of the games can face should be mitigated or avoided. Company withdraws from any liability of risks, accidents or damage that occurs while the seppo games are played.

  1. The content of an individual game (i.e. story, rules, tasks, answers and feedback) is visible only for the User. Company is not responsible of the content that User might want to share in public Internet including Social Media.

  1. The Owner is not allowed to use platform for commercial purposes i.e. create games for customers that are paying for the games or related services. The only exceptions are the payable games that are shared through Content Library (see additional terms below).

  1. The creator of the game is always responsible for that the copyright of the digital content that is used in the game is respected.

  1. Company reserves the right to introduce additional features and functionalities to the platform without a prior notification. Company withholds the right to alter or remove features and functionalities of the platform. Major changes and removals will be notified with messages in the game platform at minimum one month before the change or removal.

  1. In a Freemium model a new License owner has 30 days right to use the full version of Seppo platform and can thereafter choose between a restricted Entry level version or upgrading the account to a paid plan.

  1. Despite of Company’s reasonable commercial efforts to ensure a continuous availability, seppo services are available on an “as is” and “as available” basis. No Service Level Agreement is provided as of now.

  1. If the players of the Games are under 18-years old, User is responsible to secure that they have an appropriate permission to use the service from their legal guardians. The User should instruct the players to play the games, complete the tasks and create content in an appropriate manner.

  1. If the License allows the user may use additional functionalities that enable external persons to participate in a game as either a student creator/instructor or a grading instructor. In this case the associated user credentials may only be used by the designated persons.

  1. By accepting these Terms and Conditions the Owner enters in to contractual relationship with Company meaning that the Owner is aware of and accepts Company’s Privacy Policy.

ADDITIONAL TERMS to share the games (The term ‘Teacher’ below refers to a teacher or a corresponding game creator)

  1. If the Teacher chooses to share a game into the game library, s/he still retains the IPR’s of the game.

  2. The Teacher retains the right to update and delete a shared game. S/he doesn’t need to inform other users.

  3. The Teacher agrees that the shared games can be freely downloaded, modified and used (as games and/or individual exercises) by the other users of seppo platform who have access to the Content Library. Other users cannot share the downloaded games, not even when the games are copied.

  4. The Teacher who has shared his/her games in Content Library allows seppo to charge for the access to and use of Content Library as a whole.

  5. The shared games reside in Content Library “as is” – the Teacher has no right to require them to be exported outside of seppo or Content Library in any way.

  6. If the Teacher removes his/her games from the Content Library, s/he agrees that these same games that other users have downloaded are not deleted and those users have right to continue using the downloaded games.

  7. If the Teacher has set a Game Fee to a shared game, s/he is entitled to have a share of the paid fee (after another user has downloaded and paid for that game) based on the existing Price List. The share of the revenue will be paid monthly to the Teacher once s/he has provided Company with the needed contact information. The minimum sum that will be paid is 25 Euros. The fees will be paid in Euros.

  8. The Teacher is entitled to get a report of the status of his/her games (with fee) on monthly basis, if s/he requires.

  9. The teacher guarantees that a game shared by him/her does not include content that is discriminating, violent, misleading, sexually explicit, hateful or any other way inappropriate.

  10. Company reserves the right to divert any content that is not compliant with these terms.

  11. Company reserves the right to change the metadata of the games (i.e. categorization items) so that they are compliant with the game.

  12. Company reserves the right to remove games that are clearly shared by mistake (e.g. test games) or are clearly not proper games (e.g. no tasks included).